Speech-language Pathology – Practice for Voice and Communication Therapy

When we think of our health, many different things come to our mind – however, we often forget that our language can get ill as well. Many people suffer from speech and language disorders. These can have different causes – with the most common ones being a stroke when referring to adults and development delays in the case of children. Although these diseases cannot be healed with drops or pills, there is a variety of possibilities to recover and get well (again).

Stimmtherapie und Sprachtherapie

We identify language, speech, voice, swallowing and auditory disorders and carry out treatments that are adapted to individual needs. In our practice for voice and communication therapy and by regular home visits, we support our patients everyday in the healing process of any speech and language disorders and – almost as a side effect – strongly enhance their self-confidence.

Stimmtherapie und Sprachtherapie

Language disorders

One of the most common reasons for seeing a speech-language pathologist is a language and communication disorder. In most cases patients go to see the doctor first, who certifies them a so-called first prescription. The speech-language pathologist makes a comprehensive diagnosis which serves as a basis for an individual therapy to get well.

Development disorders

When children lose their joy in speaking and a difference to peers becomes visible, we provide assistance. In our practice children have fun while learning and they are playfully prepared for speaking in school and kindergarten.

Speech-language pathology

In 1924 speech-language pathology was officially recognized as a medical jargon and belongs to the medical and therapeutic field. A speech-language pathologist does no use traditional medicine, but its work mainly relies on exercises.